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We purchase non-ferrous scrap metals in the U.S. and sell overseas

including scrap metals, aluminum, copper and lead

Our Company

Regal Johnson Co, Located in Chicago west suburb, is a dynamic and growing international trading company that purchases mainly non-ferrous scrap metals based on constant analysis of the COMEX metal future prices in the United States as well as the commodity future market prices in Asian market.


We have strong customer base in Asia pacific especially in China and Japan for our non-ferrous scrap metals. Right now China is the number one metal importer country, and we committed to satisfy the emerging market's needs for our scrap metals. 


Our Business

Our primary business is to purchase non-ferrous scrap metals in U.S. and sell overseas, especially Asia Pacific areas, such as China and Japan.

Our reach stretches across North America, as well as Canada, utilizing a wide-ranging fleet of trucks and containers, rail cars, and barges to collect non-ferrous scrap metals. We expect to deploy our processing assets to cover new geographical territories and open new feeder yards, and make targeted acquisitions. 

We employ the industry experts constantly monitoring and performing statistical analysis on non-ferrous metal future pricing from COMEX and other Asian future market indices such as Shanghai Metal Exchange.

What We Recycle

Materials, non-ferrous scrap metals, we handle:

All types of Aluminum, Copper, Copper Wire, Lead, Brass, Titanium, Nickel, Tin

Also auto parts: Starters. Alternators

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Contact Us

Regal Johnson Co.

5648 S Narragansett Ave #C
Bedford Park, IL 60638
Phone: (708) 290 - 0089
Fax: (708) 496 - 8838